Мастерская Пахомов | Декор интерьера из дерева

Wood Sculpture

It's the hardest type of wood rubber from all the websites described. To develop it, it needs to be well equipped with all kinds of techniques - geometric, contour, terrain. The sculpture itself involves the manufacture of a harvest (usually a wood stem) of a volume sample from all directions. It is very important that the scale and dimensions are not erroneous at the design stage. If, in the course of work, the volumetric parameters of the preparation are less and inevitable, this is already bad. Rolling is permitted only in extreme cases. After the time has elapsed, deformation is inevitable because of the different degrees of aspiration and for a number of other reasons. The product will lose its artistic value. It would be good to know the location of this sculpture ' s future, its dimensions matched to the marking and the height of the space ceiling where the product would be displayed. I mean, there's a lot of questions at the thought stage. Only a master can solve them. So you don't have to rush into making this piece.

The sculpture is a static form of creativity, which will require an equipped workplace. Work will require almost all the tools used in and possession of all the rubbers.

The sculpture consists of a variety such as roots, natural form combinations. These include the use of a lower stem-sized wood with thickness or root, which is already roughly similar to a subject, animal, plant, or a distinctive human face. In order to look at this similarity, the master must have imagination, see the voluminous shape of the future creation on the basis of a specific set and decide how, with the help of the cartridge, the design could be translated into a concrete reality. Such products are always very demanded because of their individuality and originality. Don't forget it when it's time to get behind the sculpture.

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