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Wood Cutting

Обучающий видеокурс Резьба по деревуSince ancient times, a man has been processing wood and knows its various properties. For many centuries, wood products, so many people steal such products with ornament and cutting. The tree recipe is a very ancient art, like the woodwork itself.

There are special schools today, trainers in wood♪ In no case can the tree be reciprocated. Although possession of wood rubble may often be useful. For example, small wood defects ( scratches, bitches) can be concealed in this way and doors, furniture surfaces, etc. can be easily painted. This article provides a small interesting account of this way of making wood.

Other options are a cut-off, a voluminous rubber, a house rubber and a carving.

The simplest method from a technological point of view is the way the geometric flat-wheel cut. One single instrument would be needed to carry out such a rubble, a knife-ass.

The simplicity of this type of rubber is that wood is not cut very deep. Compared to other drawings, such flat-wheel cuts are presented with low intakes.

This type of flat cutting is described as geometric because the drawing is entirely composed of different geometric features such as triangle, rectangle, rumm, square etc.

A large number of figures with geometric rubber ornament from bi-boundary, tri-boundary and quadruple extracts.

Double extraction is cut off quite easily. And that's the most element of the geometric cutting. That's why we should start cutting the tree from it. The seeds may be dried and straight, small and deep, and this depends on size and shape.

Triple extraction is often called a triangle. The same thing with a double-crossing is often used to create a geometric cutting. The difference between the tri-border extracts is not only in size but also in which side of the extraction is located. When the deepening is near the base of the triangle, the extraction is called basic.

If the deepening is located at the top of the triangle, the ejection shall be called the top or the corner. When the extraction is located in the center of the triangle, it's called central. The four-strong extraction may be made as several geometric features such as rumm, square or rectangle. They also differ in depth.