Рисунки для выжигания по дереву

Wood Burners

Old furniture is a finding for those who want to feel like a designer! Use the decorations and turn the house into a fairy tale.

In order to refresh or even radically change the interior, you don't have to go to the salon for new things. Furniture decorated with his hands not only fascinating but also a very useful hobby, which would make the house a new paint. Where do you get the material for your fun? There must have been a grandma's dress in the corner or an old magazine table. Furniture often moves to the market or straight to the dump. But a little effort, and an old, obscene thing can be the main yard of the interior.

A little story of furniture jewelry

Furniture decoration is an ancient craft. It appeared in a long time, probably right after the first man smashed the first bench. At that time, people tried to make things more beautiful with primitive cuttings, rumblings.

Over time, the art of decoration evolved, adopted new forms. The rubbing, the insulation, the incineration, the burning, the falsification, the trafarite and the tampon seal are a partial list of the furniture decorations.

Dekor-mebeli-svoimi-rukami-dostupnye-tekhniki-dlia-nachinaiushchikh-dizainerov-1It has long been established that the interior has been decorated mainly by men. Indeed, many kinds of decor, such as rubber, require considerable physical effort. Today, however, the heavy craft has become an untimely hobby, quite powerful for women ' s pens.

First steps towards a world of furniture decor

Decoration begins with the idea. It is necessary to carefully consider how to play a subject, whether to change its appearance completely or to limit itself to minor changes. For inspiration, you can see how experienced designers make furnaces with their hands in the photo.

Once the napkins are completely dry, we can go through the paint once again by adjusting the irregularities and heats. The result then covers several layers of lac. Pay attention! The drawing has to be completely dry, otherwise it's just sniffing out of contact with the lac.

Village burning - rapid updating

If there are boys growing up in the family, there must have been a wood burner in the house somewhere. With this device, it is possible to create real paintings on the doors of closets or cocodes.

Make the picture a simpler. For starters, they're drawing a simple pencil. If you don't have any artistic skills, you can use ready templates or retrieve the sketch.

Then they start to burn. Complaints are moving smoothly and slowly with the same pressure. The deep colours regulate the speed of movement and pressure. The faster the complaint moves, the more pale the lines get. Slow movement and strong pressure give deeper color.

From hobby to supplementary income

Furniture incineration can be increased to more than just a woman's hobby. In all times, designer things were high. Therefore, if your furniture experiments are recognized in a circle of familiars, they may also be in demand from a wider audience.