Dongyang — китайская резьба по дереву

What Wood For Wood

The artistic cutting of the tree is considered a national art of our peoples. The wood cutting is defined as the technology for carrying out the painting, the glean or any image on a tree basis. Our enterprise produces various kinds of products that are decorated by rubber - hours, gerbs, penny and other gift items.

It cannot be unpleasant that the revival of this art, gifts and wood products is now very demanding, since no artificial modern material will be able to convey the warmth and beauty of the natural tree.

It has been a long time since the inception of this type of art, but so far no machines can replace manual work by a master. The tree resurrection is carried out manually by various kinds of hermetics, doloths and all possible supporting tools. It's important to put the job right. A dry light space with constant temperature and humidity of the air will be the best. Small products are generally used by a regular desk, and large-scale products require a backset which is placed on the table in such a way that the light falls from the left and from the front. Natural lighting is the most appropriate, or artificial with 2-3 light sources to avoid sharp shadows on the product.

Different forms of doloto or stack are used to cut wood.

We list the main cuttings:

- flat or deep;

- flat;

- Relay;

Excessive or accommodating;

- sculpture or volume;

- Homework.

Every product is individually, takes time, diligence, as well as a real talent for a tree to have a second life, and it's not just one year's time.

2. Wood processing

In order to proceed with the artistic cutting, it is necessary to prepare wood first, i.e. to process the material before such a condition that the master can easily cut the product and serve long years. The material needs to be prepared.

It's the wood first. Better do it from October to January. At this time of year, the tree sleeps, the movement of juices in the barrels is slowing down, and consequently the likelihood of wood cracking and insect damage is declining.