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Village Vintage

Разнообразие материала и способов его обработки дерева создало в течении времени отдельные направления этого мастерства.The tree recipe is the oldest applied art that has decorated our lives for centuries. Most of the time we're dealing with hard objects in the interior. Even in today ' s world, overcrowded by the diversity of materials and styles, people prefer to make their homes a tree, as it not only creates cozy and harmony in the house, but is also very green. Columns, arches, severe pinks on ceilings, fires, doors, fries, balds, drops, handcuffs and many other elements create a special atmosphere in the house, unique and living.

Of the most common styles, these are:

  1. barocco (pine, rounded, plant saturated, use of brands and satellites. There is also a gamble of light, colour saturation and drama;
  2. Ampir (short of shapes, many unusual, complex, heroic and zoomorphic reasons);
  3. Classicism (referred to stability, strict elegance of forms, clear geometricality of residence);
  4. Gothics (different decor, multiple sculptures, usually religious).

Reef, barelef and horelef

The underlying and distinctive elements of wood rubber are the notion of a " elleaf " (sculpture on the plane). The shapes of the strap are barelef (the sculptural image is no more than half above the surface) and the necklace (the display is more than half above the surface).

Vintage and consignment note

The same non-repetition of the style contributes to the type of wood rubber such as the rifle cut. It's different from the rotation of vintage and gestures. It may be both single and composed of several rifle lines immediately. One of the most common woodis an overhead that is also called furniture.Богородская резьба по дереву Its particular feature is that the already prepared ornament, which has been created in a way that is out of the way, is being filled with ready backgrounds.

Bogorod and Cudrey

Separate self-propelled species of wood rubber are Bogorod and Cudrey wood.

The Bogorod massacre appeared in the village of Bogorodsky many centuries ago and is a special form of sculpture in a tree of soft wood. It creates traces of people, animals with traffic. Products are built, manually and technically. However, the articles created by the hands of the Bogorod masters are of real value. The same is the use of a special instrument, the Bogorod knife, or the racket.

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