Декоративные тарелки. Маленькие хитрости

Village Of The Scheme

2017. winter fair
2018. Spring fantasy

Exhibition of Russian People ' s Fisheries

Exhibition topic:

  • Hohlomical and city
  • Geulian porcelain
  • Savings
  • vologic and cereal
  • Bourban and White Sea wood
  • Paleh, Fedoski, Holuy and Mster Lakova Miniatura
  • Hill and Tobol rubber
  • Scopian and Pskovian keramic
  • Turkish gold sewing
  • weapons of evil and Tullian masters, etc.

2017. winter fair


Disposition of the exhibition:

2018. Spring fantasy


Disposition of the exhibition:


Интерактивная схема территории:

Exhibition organizer:

Russian Federation Association for Indigenous Arts




Ivliev Natalia Mihailovna

Project Manager

Exhibits to the CDC Expoint is an effective tool for your business!

Calendar of events


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