Резьба по дереву: Наши новые работы

Village Logo

SomeOne, together with an artist Christopher Warmel, developed a new logo for Scottish whiskey Glenlivet. The new emblem of the creators was based on paintings, including brand products.

The name of the beverage is literally translated - whiskey from the Livet Valley, so the creators have taken as the basis the logo the image of the river, which in turn is the source of water for whiskey. To date, for 50 years, Glenlivet bottles have been portrayed as a scotch symbol, but according to the manufacturer, this logo has been exhausted.

A handwriting image of the river and bridge was attached to the new logo for Glenlivet.

Previous logo

The Glenlivet is the only whiskey in the world that has the right to bear the name of The Glenlivet, since 1824 being produced in one of the most vivid and romantic places in Scotland, the Livet River Valley. Slave Glenlivet was single-sold classes, but this whiskey is also used for the manufacture of known beverages such as Chivas Regal and Royal Salute.