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Village Improvised Machines


Designation of fine rubbers and their types

Village cartridges are designed for manual handling of the revolving part of the plant.

They consist of two main parts: working (metal) and pens (usually wood).

In turn, the working part can be divided according to:

  • The cuter(s) is the part which is ticked and interacts with the preparation;
  • The body is the main part for which the carr retains the rubber " non-working " hand on the submarine of the shell;
  • The tailor is a narrow part where the body goes smoothly. The chostovik is meant to hold his pen.

The pen can be divided into two parts:

  • The foundation is the majority that the parent holds in his hand;
  • The neck is a small cylindrical part with a metal fastening ring that prevents the cracking of the pen when it hits the tail of the worker.

Types of fine rubber

Самодельные резцыDepending on the type of work performed, fine wood rubbers have different configurations than the harder of the product, the more sophisticated the design will be, which will determine the specific blade. Each master may have its own special, exclusive, narrowly specialized, top-down tools designed to perform a particular job. There is therefore no need to study the design of each individual rubber.

Two species will be sufficient for the successful work of the starting point: the reector and the egg.

With the help of a raider and a mechel, it is easy to perform accurate work of medium complexity. Processing the charge on the outer surface. In some cases, it is possible to work with the internal surfaces of the details.