Инструмент - Резьба по дереву

Village Geometric Cut

a swelling image of elements relative to the background, relatively one. It's on a barelef rubber, a burner rubber, a rodent rodber, a counterrefish rubber.

Plosperous rubber

is a flat image at one level, stepped or in-depth with valleys, sometimes with a sub-rail, cut or chosen background. Its variety: peripheral rubber, cut-off, cutting with the chosen background or drawing.

Excess cut (propelled)

is carried out in one plane of drilling and drink, sometimes with additional processing of other types of cutting. Divided into: contour-forced rubber, cross-cutting cut-off.


may have a type of utilitar-decoration plastic, sculpture-based, round sculpture, product or architecture, as well as a round bar or monumental decoration sculpture. Its main types are voluminous utilitar-decoration cutting, sculpture in radiation with product or architecture, round sculpture (standard, monumental-decoration)

Combined rubber. Endurance

It is based on the editing in the board or the plywood of the contour depression in the form of a clin, with a knife of a bone, a swallow of a staple, a semi-crossed small stame or a beaugoro. Sometimes they use a straight statue. The contour cutting is best performed by soft or medium solid wood, uniform in its structure (liquid, dispersed by the vessel - lipa, oxin, ulha, bereza, clen).

Geometrical cut

This is a rubber with specimen marks, which are on the surface of the wood with a geometric layer: triangles, rectangles, squares, rumbs, traps, circumferences, etc. The Geometrical Execution is divided into two varieties: three-way (clinical) and bracketed.