Современная художественная резьба по дереву | Орнаментум

Village Endurance

Handwriting. Outside of the narciss, there's a sharp picture of the dragon and barhat boxes. There's a dragon on the game. There are special folds for the storage of chips. It's done very well. Such nardes would be a great gift.

Village in slaughter Nards

The tree recipe is a form of craft known in Russia from a long time ago. In many centuries of its existence, there have been many different directions and currents of this kind of craft, many new developments have come to us from Europe after Petr I. The wood spray was stolen at home, wooden dishes, furniture. Village cutting specialists have always been valued, as it is a long and petty, complex manual work that requires a master of special imagination and emergency extraction.

This type of craft has also been distributed and has many fans and a small number of people who work for them. Among all the slaughtered items, we would like to highlight the threads.

Who plays drugs?

This game is very popular in our country. They are both young and mature, and various champions are held. Often, a drug game is a gift to a friend, a business partner, another close man. It's a very valuable gift, it's not easy to find it in our time.

Every man wants to give something unusual, something that really will remember and serve for a long time. For this purpose, the best of the other is the slaughtered narcisss. Almost always, such narcs are manufactured manually, i.e. they are an exclusive thing that is almost impossible to repeat. There are several types of rubber on a tree that steals Nards.

Types of residence

1. Geometrical - The surface of the Nard is exposed to simple zoning in the form of different geometric features. A combination of these figures can be made of a very complex and beautiful composion. This cut also varies depending on the depth of the cut-off surface.

2. The Kudrinsky (named the person who formed the school) has various leaves, petals and wines on the surface. They give the board some living.