Узбекская резьба по дереву фото

Uzbek Village Rubber

Boundaries of lines, vice-concessions and coloritic ornaments. It's all about Uzbekistan's business card, a wood cut. Having centuries of roots, it's art and is now popular in Central Asia. Quarterly work isn't for everyone, and true masters never go unnoticed.

He breathes his life into normal pieces of wood. In his hands, they turn into real works of art. For 15 years, Bunyod Wahobov had mastered the most sophisticated wood-burning technique, which took him six years. He continues his tradition and heir to his parents. Over the years of work, Bunyod has developed his own style with a typical multi-level cutting technique.

Surgical accuracy

Master 37. Strong hands are covered by scars and rubles from cuts received during work. Slow and smooth motions, it scrupulously excites another delight, fearing to undermine the lines. There's no right to make a mistake. One wrong move, and all the work done is marked.

The centres for the training of the residences are located in all major cities of Uzbekistan: Kokande, Hiwe, Samarkand, Tashkent and others. The arts of the Uzbek woodworkshops distinguish three main ornamental styles: the Bagdadi, the needles and the pargori. Baghdadi ' s blank massacre is widespread in Uzbekistan. It is characterized by non-extricable geometric composions. In Kokanda and Tashkent, the master uses a special style of flat-blown cutting, a pargori (Pargoran-Circulus). The in-depth fountain is the fox, by its artistic virtues, the richer is the use of the monumental architectural decor. For slaughtered products, Uzbek masters use caragacic wood, vase variety, and nuts, Arch and Tutovnic.

Iron nerves and angel patience

Multi-level equipment requires special skills. The virtuous spells of the ornament are a single vision that must be translated into the original design of the master. According to Bunyoda, in order to become a master of his business, it is necessary to have iron nerves and angel patience. It is possible to imagine how much time and absorption requires such work.

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