Еще один из вариантов применения резного декора Мебельной

Tree From Wood

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From 1 to 10 July, a 40 per cent discount on chairs when buying a table and 40 per cent discount on a matttress while buying a bed!

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Additional information
  • It's in a classical style with manual rubber.
  • In all our closets in the come-in, you can change any parameters, be they size, design, color, number of boxes, ponds, remove the flogne, cut, etc.
  • When changes are made, the price of the product may change, both in large and in smaller parts, the price depends on the quantity of material, mechanisms and volume of work.
  • All the closets in the hall are covered by a Swedish polyurethane pole Becker Acroma

When a man crosses the door, he is greeted by happy hosts, and in the corridor, the guests pay attention to the coming furniture. A man with a hand-heavy rusty draws admirable eyes. Furniture from a natural tree sounds serious. The decoration of perfect and good furniture has always been a rubber. The furnace of a hand-heavy, exclusive and impeccable, is elegant, underlining the high status of the house and the owners. Hand wood It's possible to turn the usual flow of furniture from the mass to the artwork!

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Massive tree
Deep380 mm
Width1530 mm
Height2000 mm
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