История резьбы по дереву в тверском крае

The Village Of The City

Kitayskaya-rezba-po-derevu.-Rabota-chetyirnadtsatayaAfter another order of wooden sculpture on the eastern subject, I went on the Internet, where I found the most remarkable sample of the Chinese rubber on a tree that was drowned, selfish...

Dongyang is a town in the middle of Zhejiang Province, located near Shanghai City. And this town is famous for its skilled wood slaughter.Kitayskaya-rezba-po-derevu.-Rabota-odinadtsataya It's one of the largest cutting centers on the Dynasty of Min (1368-1644) and to date. The village recipe in Dongyang has a long history, and that's why, after this town, it was named one name.

Dongyang In due course, the reputation of one of China ' s best fishing centres has been earned.Kitayskaya-rezba-po-derevu.-Rabota-vosmaya Today, the city is the centre of one of the four main pillars schools in China: It has traditionally been strengthened: the rubbing of a planted tree, the rubbing of a Samshit, the tree rubber, and the rubbing of a tree.

The intelligent wood rubber is found in the Beijing Imperial Palaces, in the town of Hanzhou, Suzhou, and in the province of Anhoi. During the time of the Emperor of the Dynasty of Qin Qianluna (1711-1799), some 400 wood rubber shops arrived in the capital to steal wood from Imperial Palaces. The work until now is stored in Gugun, the Imperial Palace in the capital.

After the 1910s, many villagers from Dongyang gathered in the cities of Shanghai and Hanzhou in order to produce furniture and export losses combining Western and Chinese styles.

In 1983, the State Council of China, Dongyang, granted the status of the " Thorough of the Chinese Tree " .

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