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Super Wood

DESAN Universal Clay-Compagne - for gluing of varietal materials (metall, plastics, wood, concrete, ceramics, bricks, foams, chem fibres, rubber, glass), water, clay, gasoline, oil, solvents, range of operating temperatures: from -1850 C to +3000 C. It is recommended to repair the cylinders, benzobs, silencing, pipes. 125 g, colour black, 90 s/o.
DESAN for silencing, 125 g, colour black, 90 s/o.
DESAN for the Restoration of the Rubber, 50 g (blank), colour black, 40 s/o. Vice-President, Russian Federation

Rapid steel, Super Bronze, HG Cold Plastics Weld - Rapid epoxy glue with fillers. " Catched " for 5 minutes, certified for 15, may be mechanically treated in an hour. User failure. They have a magnificent adhesion almost all material: glass, metal, plastic, stone, tree. There is a large-scale expansion at the time of " coverage " , so it is possible to repair the fluid from the damaged aggregate and even underwater. Stations to aggressive environments. High temperatures (up to +2600 C) are maintained. After the opening, you can drill, cut the cutting, stitch, smoke, paint. Free storage period - 3 years. 57 g, 24 ppm. Hi-Gear, USA.

ABRO STEEL (black) - " soft steel " After demining and laying, like a lubricant, it becomes solid as steel. It glued metal, tree, stone, glass, plastic. Steady to aggressive environments, maintain its properties to +26,000 c. Waste product. Applicable for repair and repair: benzobs, radiators, silencers, battery corps, cartel bottoms, block head, body parts, furniture, plumbing, sewerage, etc. After the opening, it shall be possible to be treated in a toast rack, a sliphon, a cricket and a cut, as well as a dirt and paint. Mass-57, 24 s/o. Production of ABRO, USA.

POXIPOL 10 Min Metallic, two-way glue, cold weld. It glues the metal, the glass, the rubber, the tree, the concrete, the fuyans et al. It's like a lubricant, it's hard as a metal in just 10 minutes. Maximum firmness. ♪ ♪