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Stupid Wood Rubber

I've been struck to the depths of my heart by this little post with the wonderful wooden sights of the Russians, I want to draw the readers ' attention to the round holes that have been made for the marking and convenience, as the author writes, the drawing. Before reading this post, I recommend that we look at this one, in order to compare the striking images and grading techniques that are traced to the official history of antique times. I mean, in the Volga in the 18th century, "The Holy Storms of Antiquities"?
Started here, and at the beginning, I said that one of the ways to replenish the Foundations of the State Historical Museum was the expedition organized by the museum itself. That in the 20th to 30th years of the past century, such expeditions to the Volga have literally saved the people ' s memory and the art of the people from burning or sliding into the bottom of the built-in reservoirs. During the guided tour, the Foundations showed us a piece of the result of those " rescue operations " .
" Silly " , " ship " , " barrel " , these are all names. the tree♪ Silly because there's no cross-cutting openings, ship and barracks, because I went from stealing ships on the Volga in the middle of the sixteenth to first nineteenth centuries. Below City County was the area where the greatest concentration of the villagers was in the village, which ended up with the ship, the decore was out of the way. The thing is, the winter shipbuilders started the courts, and the springs had to look for a piece of work. That's how it started on the rubbish house. They stole frontal boards, scapulas and windows of houses. In addition to the suburb region, the deaf cutting is found in the villages of the neighbouring regions, Kostrom and Ivanovsky.
The small fund room, the light of the cuffed, the science for security, so don't judge the quality of the photos, they have more information than that quality.
Typically, the deaf cutting was not performed by one master, but by an arthel. Work was divided into several operations. The rubber risk, the so-called sprinklers, was usually stored at the head of the cartels. At the contour, the drawing on a smoothly brushed base board (usually 4-6 cm thick) of the needle has been inverted. The master then attached the drawing to the idling bag with the angular angular, the pause, which made it clear on the board the contours of the future image. The drawing was then loaded with a carpentry pencil, and the torso was marked by the permissible depth of the relay.
The most common instruments included symbols of the flower nature - animals, birds and flowers that symbolize the generosity and fertility of the land.
Lives, mermaids and fabulous monsters served as servitudes protecting people from evil spirits. And Serin's bird played the role of glorious happiness, joy and well-being. I mean, these things weren't just jewelry, they were powerful magical.

It's clear that it's just not gonna get into this place, but it's a strange coincidence that the Blood Catch built into the same building is also decorated by wood and cutting, and no one's hiding it from our eyes...