Зеркало с ручкой резьба по дереву Р зона

Slash Wood

Built in 1954, as the pavilion of the then Karelo-Finski SSR Architects Project F. Rehmukov and A. Reznichenko.

In the 1930s, 67 planned to build a North Farming Pavilion on the Selesnev Project, which was further developed at the Exhibition Committee workshop and a new B.C. Vasilenko and G.I. Glensenko launch was launched in 1939. But in 1940, the pavilion was reconstructed and exposed to a new, newly formed Union republic, the Carelo-Finsky SSR. Pavilion Stealing a tree rubber Sculptor L. Kardashev. There was a three-metre sculpture of S.T. Conenkova Runopevez.

Vegetables, cereals, small agricultural machinery, carel berena products, bruising animals in the territory of the Republic were shown in the pavilion.

The maps propagated ski sports and the topic of the protection of the borders of the USSR.

In 1954, a new Pavilon for the F. Rehmukova and A. Reznichenko project is being developed.

From 1954 to 1956, the Karelo-Finski USSR presented its achievements in a new, specially built pavilion, but with the loss of the status of the Allied Republic of Carelia, the right to stand in a separate pavilion was lost.

At the architectural level, the new building was not as interesting. The colones and the thrilled wooden front of the politique recall the nature and identity of the northern region as well as its natural wealth. Columns are marked by the dark red granite, which Carelia has glory.