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Rhodes By Tree

A special fence around the porch is being prepared, collected from a cross-cutting board and forming a variety of motives, from simple and archaic to complex circumferences. In another case, the peril consists of separate surge boards or ballasin. The porch itself is also decimating. wood♪ At the same time, the depth of the roof is important. His shadow seems to be an artist's retuse. In this way, the porch underlines the beauty of the main part of the house, with particular reference to the decoration of facades: the rubble of hair, towels, windows, watches and roofs. At the same time, such a hinge protects the entrance stage and the wing itself from sun and atmospheric rainfall.

Typically, the roof of the wing supports the figure poles, and the wing itself moves into a built-in terrace on which the belt with severe details is located. The windows in the terrace are performed from the glass and rumbic shape.

Rhys. 1. Total rubber (sculpture)

Rhys. 2. Screening options, gates, doors, chat rooms

The cut-off with a completely chosen background is the best thing to steal the porch. It may be geometrical, contour, condensed, and in a qualitative performance, it gives the product arcity and ease.

Rhys. 3. Pole decoration, bars, pils

Rhys. 4. General fragment of the upper part of the pole, which has been completed by the cut-off boards using the stylized drawing caps itself

Rhys. 5. Decoration and artisanal poles, waste, etc.: a, with a three-ray surge; b, with a box

Rhys. 6. Contour pattern of stylized plant and bird wings

Rhys. 7. Contourized birds

Rhys. 8. Contourized birds

Rhys. 9. Contourized birds

And drinking the ornament of the cutting or lining is much easier than choosing the background with the cutting of the contour in the deaf cutting.

In the old house, the gates were slaughtered. Usually, it was a closed-circuit complex, where the gate and the calibre were basically a single entrance. There was also a separate gate and a slide. But they were cooked with steep.