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Rear Eagles Of Wood

money Wolf Lupus Est - Sculpture, art rubber


Sergey Zhigaylo, copying

Size: approximately 27x26 cm.

pine, bereose, copper, mammont belt, ocean perimeter,

Chinese carcase, moryl, acryl, wax

Catalogue number: 105

Technique: wood arts

- There is no rouble on delivery to Moscow: 300 roubles.

Work doesn't happen again, there's a variation on the subject.

money Push - Panno, wood arts

Dimension: about 30x20 cm.

oak, pine, metal caps, mortals, wax

No frame and suspension

Catalogue number: 102

money Bunny. - Open scale for the storage of jewelry

Arts wood

Size: approximately 17x18 cm

Brace, oak, clen, honey, horn, wax

Catalogue number: 106