Невероятная резьба по дереву | Рупор Петрозаводска

Petrosal Village Recipe

Alexander Kazakov (Mr. Petrozavodsk)
Demonstrates one way to cut wood.

The main wealth of the territory of Carelia has always been forests. The wood is solid and relatively easy to process. Therefore, for the local population, since ancient times, the tree has become a material that has been used in a variety of fields, ranging from the manufacture of labour instruments to the construction, shipbuilding and the creation of objects of worship.

Each of the things that served in the bypass was produced individually and from a certain tree species. For example, the cow preferred to make a baton, such a carpet doesn't crack from water, it's resistant to temperatures. The mutovs (drying hatches for disengagement and beating) were manufactured from young pots or pines: these trees have branches at one level, forming pinks. Logs were made with rabbits. The wood was long, not snooped. The baskets were sprayed from the base cheek and the shores.

Bondar fishing has also been demanded, and it's the same freelance. They draw attention to what they've done, fine, beautiful, and to the conscience of the warriors, a bucket with a sock used to catch cows. One of the daughters who's part of the torso was left with a long bitch from the inside, wearing a nose like a kettle. It's been convenient through him, not spilling a drop, spilling milk. They've made the collars from the necklace, his wood is solid and has disinfecting properties.

There were often benches in carel houses, two of which were indivisible with the seat: they were the continuation of the barrel, the roots. For such a bench, the tree was specially shrank. Karel buckles are also full. The fall is the vertical cut of the tree and the bottom is processed to make it comfortable, the root. Some furniture items in cartels are perceived as sculpture objects, so beautiful and organic.

So the distinguishing feature of the northern wood processing style is functionality, simplicity and beauty of shape, maximum use of the properties and characteristics of the material.