Русская народная резьба по дереву. Н.Н.Соболев. Москва - Ленинград

People's Village Rubber

Moscow - Leningrad, 1934

The publication was published in 1934 by Academia. Under the general editorial of A.V. Lunachar and A.M. Ephros. Crossing and super-box B.B. Schwartz. The book is a lot of black-and-white images and colors. Increased size 18, 5 by 25, 5 cm. In the superb. 477 pages

The book describes the peasants ' ancestry, the Princely and the king ' s construction of Moscow, the types of farms, the details of the destruction of buildings, the massacre of crews, ships, churches and many others.

In Nikolay Nikolayevich Sobolov's book, wood" Architecture and decorational arts, which are linked to our country ' s traditional material - wood.

On a typological basis, the range of research facilities, works of art and articles forming a very wide range of objects and objects in their ensemble: housing, cults and economic structures, vehicles (corals, carets, sanis), furniture, lighting arts, icons, round sculptures, applied arts (sets, tablets, etc.).

The uniqueness of this work is the diversity of its scientific analysis (construction and wood processing technology, semantics, alien influences, different segments of the population, the interconnection of artistic and functional aspects in the forming of the subjects under consideration).

As a major scientific work, N.N. Sobolava ' s book, however, is designed not only for specialists (cultures, artists, architects), but also for a wide range of readers interested in Russia ' s history and art.