Музей Кронида Гоголева в городе Сортавала

Museum Of Wood Rubber

Cronida Gogolev's private collection is located in the city of Sortavala. It's located in the old Finnish building of 1899. This is a unique collection of works by the Russian People ' s Artist, Cronid Alexandrovich Gogolev.

Ghoglev's Cronide is an outstanding identity for our city, a professional artist who worked in a unique manner.wood- known to the world. The majority of the works in the exhibit, a sculpture of the tree, can also be seen in the author ' s painting. The theme of the Russian North, the exemplary nature, ordinary people, their lives and holidays have been reflected alive in its creation.

The Kronida Gogolev Museum is a special place, everything here is infiltrated by an atmosphere of talent, which was not just a gift, but was created by labor, work and patience. Tourist agencies necessarily include a visit to the Museum in the guided tour programmes. Continuing the tradition of the artist Cronide Gogolev, we work for you every day, without a weekend round.

Hours of work:

in summer months: 10.00 - 20.00

rest of the time: from 10.00 to 17.00


300=00 full ticket (Ghoglev I floor private collection museum, and II floor with all temporary exhibitions + workshops);

250=00 full ticket for tourists in the Cronida Gogolev I Floor I private collection, and 2nd floor with all temporary exhibitions of +master)

200=00 full ticket (Ghoglev I floor private collection museum);

150=00 concessional ticket (Ghoglev I floor private collection museum, and II floor with all temporary exhibitions);

100=00 preferential ticket (Kronid Gogolev private collection, I floor)

500=00 family ticket (semis of 2 adults and 1-2 or more children) applies to all exhibits I and II floors

500=00 guided tours (groups 10 to 40)

300=00 guided tours (up to 10)

City Ratusa (Ladoge exhibit; ethnographical and archaeological exhibit)

150 =00 (100=00 concessional)

+ as a separate service that is valid only for turf (organized groups) tour guides (100=00 s)

The photograph/videum is at the price of the ticket in any case

Video film in consultation with the Administration - 500 roubles.

Cost of master classes:

- Printing of postcards with the type of Sortaval, with the carel symbol, with the author ' s linogram on the hornet station (10 minutes) - 100 roubles. 1 copy