Lobby Bars For Rubber On The Tree

Equipment:Samples of wood artifacts, wood harvests, cartons, album leaflets, marker, league, scissors.


Organizational time:

1. Screening of students.

2. Prepare to class.

3. Call for duty officers.

Repeat the material. Talking about questions.

1. Defining the machine.

2. What's the purpose of a fine wood pack?

3. 120 m

4. TB's on the STD.

Now, guys, let's remember with you and repeat the previously studied wood processing material and try to answer questions to solve the crossword.

Major part

Research of programme material

We live in a variety of objects, meet with them at home and outside.

Among these diversity, there are items that have received special attention from the artist: they are skilled, spectacular and irrepetitive. These arts are relevant in the field the arts. The word " decore " means " degrading, giving a beautiful view " .

Decorational - applied art is the oldest art: it's still in the original times. At the same time, it's young because it still needs a man in his life, in his home. That's why it's applied.

The decorational and applied arts create an environment in which people live, decorate daily lives, help to make life more attractive and celebrated. But most importantly, it's the art that organises people's communication, builds their relationships.

The arts of decoration are great and diversity, as the surrounding past of the world. Each people had their forms of objects, ornaments, images and motives, colour combinations. A variety of materials were used in the construction of objects: glina, stone, tissue, metal, wood, later glass, various forms of artistic processing of materials.

The decorational art has a very distinctly distinct language.

It gives him the opportunity to see and understand the special beauty of the subject, his decor, to think about the meaning he expresses. The different language of the decoration and application of art is characterized by a combination of images, arts, ornamentality. Artistic tools are used differently: shape, volume, line, rhythm, colour, decoration