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Learn To Cut Wood

Адамович ЮрийBorn on 24 June 1949, in Minsk City.

1971 ended the Minsk architectural and construction equipment.
1971 - 1973 Mr. Engineer at the Belgiprofile Project Institute.
1974 is an artist in the Minsk arts and industry combination.
1975-1987 artist, senior artist of the Minsk Post Office.
1978-1980 apprenticeships at the Institute of Advanced Training, training of the " trainer " .
1987-1994 Professor of Arts and History at secondary school No. 51, Minsk.
Since 1994, a free artist.
Since May 1992, he has been a member of the Belarusian Union of Masters of People ' s Arts.

Adamovich Yuri is now a free artist, a craftsman, a wood and metal artist. Among its work, the decoration panel in mixed machinery is wood/metall, the decorative casings of fixed hours, decorative dishes, etc.

Applys original material processing technology using the old traditions of the masters of the great Principality of Lithuania, rethinking and further developing and improving traditional processes.
The wood and metal artworking has taken place. 1972 g.

The master ' s students themselves have students and are members of artistic unions.

In the creative luggage of Yuri Adamowic, numerous arts and workshops at exhibitions and fairs, participation in television and radio broadcasts, publication in Belarusian and foreign press publications.

Yuri Adamowicz is doing his whole conscious life. The traditional people ' s crafts and traditions are well known, and history is fascinated.

Yuri Adamowicz participated actively in exhibitions in Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. I am a diplomat of numerous exhibitions and competitions:

- Laureate of the " Slavian Base " competition in Vitebsk-2005, " Decoration " ;
- winner of the " Mir of Entered 2007 " exhibition at the Nominating Metals (Eurasia, St. Petersburg);
- awarded a degree and medal of " useful work " , at the V International All-Russian Exhibition " (Manez, St. Petersburg);
- and many others.

Technological work has been done in mixed technology, combining two different types of art: wood and a cold, manual, cut, volume cheque.

Rear trees are used mainly by steam breeds in the Belarusian forest, and are subjected to difficult thermal treatment, followed by polishing. No chemicals are used in the sequestration, i.e. the product is completely clean.