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Kitchen Tree

Each kitchen model from VERONA mobili is unique, unusual and sophisticated. Kreola's kitchen is literally a collection of amazing furniture. She'll be fine for those who are looking for a delicately degraded, elegant and at the same time a quality kitchen that creates a warm and cozy atmosphere.

The sense of comfort is the first thing anyone can feel about Kreola's kitchen. This model is specially designed for homes where family values are important and home-based. In the first place, this remarkable effect is achieved by carefully collected materials for the kitchen: the façade frame for this model is made from the woods of the lip, and the inner cap is decorated by the natural chin. The cherries are very warm, but in order to create the most cozy and home-based atmosphere, kitchen furniture is filled in dark tones under the colour of the natural nut, and facades cover lac with a high glan.

Large lines, thin rubber, a successful combination of elegant and functional kitchen elements makes Kreola a sophisticated classic furniture for kitchens. But the most valuable is the thin details that transform this beautiful model into a real artwork. Separate parts of the kitchen are covered by a thin layer of silver, contrasted by the noble colour of the dark nuts. Cyber and carnival and furniture drops. Streamlinity and balls can be felt in each line, and silver separating from the fine decorative elements creates a sense of luxury and wealth.

The silver is also present in the design of glasses that can be performed in two options: the first is a transparent glass, such as the water, which has been erected by the first freezer; the second is a more sophisticated and richer glass in the silver plating frame and arsonic mirrors. Both options are harmoniously combined with a noble dark tree of facades, creating a complete and effective combination.

The model will be perfect for those who love classic kitchens, comfortable and functional furniture, as well as strict, but fine processing. Qualitative performance and unique separation up to the smallest detail are the main virtues of Kreola's kitchen.