резьба по дереву фотографии рисунки и эскизы для начинающих иконы

Icon Drawings For Wood

Tradition to make icons has come to Rush with Christianity from Visantia in the 11th century. But initially, the icons were stoned with precious metals and stones. Beginning in the fifteenth century, stone icons are gradually extinguished wood slaughter

Village, traditionally It was considered a " true Slavic " type of applied art. That's why the icon's rubbish sat on Russian soil better than anywhere. The icons have reached their patriarchal Nikon. It was because of his active activities in Russia that new masters were involved, and with them and the technical features of wood work and, specifically, how to do it. wooden icons

There are a number of cutting machines used and used when the wood slaughter is manufactured. There's a relay, a cross-cutting and smooth rubber. The radar image (gorelef, barelef) is achieved by a basic outline of the drawing on a plane other than the background. With a smooth cut, the drawing occurs in one plane. The slack cut (reared, arc) means no background as such.

Particularly valuable slaughterhouses, photos of them, can be seen in the cultural heritage of old-fashioned people. The fact is that the slaughtered wooden icons following the movement of Russian history have been repeatedly harassed. It can be said that only in the post-Soviet period of the Orthodox Church, the massacres of the tree were recognized, not only among ordinary believers and people who value such art, but also among the influential persons who determine the policies of both the Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate and the State of the Russian Federation.

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