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Geometric Rubber For Tree Scales

Mosaic species

The mosaic (from the musivum latum on museums) is called an ornamental, material or plot image drawn from pieces of one or more materials on any surface.

The mosaic may use a variety of materials, including wood. The mosaic from the tree refers to works of decorative-applied art. It serves to separate the items of our household: furniture, scales and gifts, kits, penny, portrait. Using different types of wood, a natural colour game and a picture of even one type of material, a large image can be achieved.

Mosaic varieties:

Blade Mosaic is manufactured from pre-mixed blocks of different material, colour and section, scattered across many thin layers of the same plates (Figure 1).

Rhys. 1. Blade Mosaic

Plastics may be inserted in deepening or placed on the surface of the product, articles may be made of blocks of glued materials or tree species.

An example of an article manufactured with a blade mosaic is provided in figure 2.

Rhys. 2. A glass, a blade mosaic

The birth of the blade is the ancient East. Persian boxes were used in this technique. In the mid-century, the technician of the blades became known in Italy, where further development was achieved. The variety of blade mosaics is considered to be - Fucking mosaic.

The bloody Mosaic is the prototype of the blade, but the blocks are glued from various materials (dresses, bones, rocks). In the age of revival, this mosaic was used by the monastery of the Pavies in Italy, from where it came from.

In Italy and Spain, in the XV to XVI, it was used in the XV to decouple with small, geography of chairs and chairs (Figure 3) for bordiers that covered mosaic panos. The production of mosaic decorations is less labour-intensive than other mosaic techniques (incructation, intrusion). This process may be mechanized, so the blank mosaic is still in use.

Rhys. 3. The chair is decorated by the geography mosaic

The wood mosaic can be performed in the form of incrementation when other wood-based materials are used together with wood, as well as in the form of an intrusion, if only wood is used for mosaics.

Incrustatio is a mosaic coating of a surface of a set of one or more different materials. It was used to steal articles from a tree of ivory, a turtle pancier, perlamour, metals and samocol (Figure 4).