Фрезерные работы по дереву - описание, видео. Резьба по дереву на

Fresh Tree Recipe

In today ' s world, kitchen and other furniture are predominantly made of modern materials. However, model options do not always match individual style. With the use of CPUs, it is easy to produce steep facades in their unrepetitive style. The use of CPU machines is an excellent solution to simulate the tree residence.
The use of PPU beans with beans and V-shares on the tree will produce steep elements of facades, flogs, venzel, balasines, as well as a framework for paintings and other interior items.
ArtCAM can produce product design using different processing strategies. Village cutting The fastest being done using the processing strategy is "Manual Equity." And by visualizing the design, you can get an accurate 3D presentation of the finished product.
The following is an example of the development of an Administering Programme in ArtCAM for the production of a facade with a tree simulation using a processing strategy
The furniture shields of 800x300x20mm were used as a basis.

Starting ArtCam and creating a new model: Fail-State New Master Model...
In the open window, figure 1, insert the dimensions of the furniture shield.

Figure 1.

The second stage is the construction of pseudophylene in the use of a phaser (if you have a clean phase without a chip, this phase can be missed).
The " Handling of Vectors " panels select a pictogram called " Create a rectangle " , figure 2.

Figure 2.

In the open window, figure 3, introduce the parameters of the necessary filthy circuits (initially external, further re-opening, internal).

Figure 3.

Gabrarians and the reciprocal location of the built-in vectors should be chosen according to the size of the fruit used.
For built-up vectors, we are establishing a management processing programme using the " Processing along Vectors " strategy. To that end, we are choosing the PS-State " Processing along Vectors " , figure 4.

Figure 4.

In this case, the freza will move along the selected vector, the tool centre will move on the selected vector.
Give the necessary vector and set the parameters, figure 5.
As a tool to be established, the profile blank, if there is no necessary tool in the database, will create a new or editing of an existing tarp.

Figure 5.

Let's give the second vector and set up a program manager for the second vector.
Maintain the programmes that have been received by programme managers in the required programme sequence, figure 6.