Инструмент по дереву своими руками ~ Резьба по дереву

Burn A Knife To Cut Wood

Finding a good instrument, especially in a small town, is virtually impossible. Unless you're ordered with an incredible price cap. You can also do the same thing.

And a good collateral for good and good work.

This conclusion suggests that knowledge is needed of the instrument (slashes, knives, stacks)

Here are some films instrument manufacture and end:

I found a few options when I tried.

Preparing a knife to cut wood. Option No. 2.

Metal from a dangerous razor may also be a good material for the rubber. Looking for the whole town (markets) and even making an announcement at Hands, I couldn't find razors. But again, who's looking for...

Actually, I found razors at the auction for $15,000 ($1=2700) for razor, I bought two grand. I'm waiting for a package from the city.

Опасная бритва

Manufacture wood cut♪ Option No. 3.

Who's got a chance, can just buy Internet stores. Magazines make a good choice. But personally, I'm interested in trying to make a knife myself with my hands. I think it'll be a good experience. Although I'm probably gonna buy some hard shape.

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