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Big Tree Rubber

The tree recipe is one of the most interesting traditional species of Russian fodder art. It found a clear demonstration of the great artistic gifts of the Russian people, their love for the demolishment of dwellings and household goods, high technical skills, the ability to understand and use the artistic capabilities of the material.

Having a long history, the art of wood cutting is developing successfully today. Every year, there is a growing need for art products that meet the broad demands of Soviet people.

For productive creative work in the area of wood rubber, it is not enough to have only technical applications. It is important to develop artistic tastes in a systematic way, with a combination of the best works of applied decorative art, it is important to understand the possibilities of various materials. Initiating stunners need to carefully examine the best works of wood rubber, building on the richest experience of many generations of relay artists. It will help young masters not only get a handful of crafts, but also grow in their arts from craft to great art.

In our country, the glory of forest wealth, the arts of tree cutting have developed in deep ancient history. The tree has always been hand-held and has been one of the main materials provided by nature to the human being and the uncomplicated instrument. The tree built dwellings and created the necessary household items.

The jewelry of the house is cutting and the old-fashioned summers are telling me. The beauty of an ancient Russian home is inspired in shrines and songs. The villagers were also used in the decoration of the vessels. The master has sought to give the vessel or master a form that reminds the fast and lungs of birds and animals. The ship's nose often had an animal or bird's head, the boards were decorated by images of fantastic water creatures and richest ornament.

The great works of art were in the hands of the people ' s intellectuals, wooden objects of the household - tables, benches, chests, handkerchiefs, buckles, buckets, dishes, chashes, brothers, cows, spoons, elephants.

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