Удивительная резьба по дереву от Maskull Lasserre

Amazing Wood Rubber

A long time ago, in a non-existent country where computers had not yet been available, thousands of boys spent days with a lobster and a tree lighter. Coerced and reluctant, others, by giving this scrupulous exercise with sincere interest. The result, of course, was different, but no one was able to create plywood as good as the London painter Martin Tomsky... and his lasers.

Roman Fishman

"Melissa Go, bloger from Design Taxi: “Is it inspired by teleserials, such as the Time of Adventure or the Game of Stones, these fascinational illustrations are inspired by teleserials, such as “Time of Engagement” or “Great of Stocks”.

Prologue. Tree worlds

Martin's every job is a fairy tale. Here's the closet, whose doors skeleton with an innocent species drinks its English tea. There's always a lonely ancient Greek Haron and his cat in a boat crossing Stix and at home, at breakfast, in the living room, on the bed... Here's the mighty Cthulhu who's been sent by the obedience of the ocean... The stories of such illustrations are born themselves, because each of these paintings is whether the sculpture is a new, conceived world.

There's a girl who was right on the book page and looking surprised at her country, so wonderful and so dangerous... The Chinese Pagoda, the bathhouse, which has a small dramatic scene on every floor, and there is a whole village with its inhabitants outside the walls... Martin's world is so thorough, with such thin detail that it's hard to believe, it's all just dried out of a tree, like when I was a kid.

Roxana Goldberg, the Hi-Fructose bloger: " A few layers of plywood from different shades of brown, cut out by rapid rabbits and built by one, create a sense of some water vort. "

According to Chaina Myevil, the story of his novel is "fantesy in an alternative world with Victorian technology." Such a description cannot be better suited to the wooden illustration of Martin Tomski, which combines a fairy tale with uncomplicated technologies and creates almost hypothetical paintings. It is possible to consider each detail separately and the large-scale artistic penny they form together. This is also the case in Myevil himself, turning the name " The Castle of Lost Words " : " On the river and the rooftops are tight wires, wet with clots of elesis. They're like bass pits.«Теплый прием в аду» (Клееная фанера, резьба, морилка, 200?х?710?х?25 мм) Something falls on our heads. In 2002, the novel was nominated for the prestigious Literature Prizes of Niebula and Hugo.

Chapter 1. Book shop boy

The youngest of seven children in the family of Czech emigrants, Martin Tomsky, is surrounded by brothers, sisters and countless fairy tales: his parents were publishers and book dealers, and there was no shortage of spectacular stories for the boy. Quiet, he didn't like the endless fuss, the rise and the noise of the big family, and he spent all day behind the drawing until this fascination turned into a real passion. Gradually illustrating the history of others has become self-sufficient works with their own fantastic worlds with their monsters and heroes.

" I have always loved old fairy tale and modern fantasy, and Martin told the Popular Mechanics. When I was a kid, were my favorite authors J.?R.? ? Tolkin and Ursula Le Guin, with her epic cycle on Earth. But now I like China Myevil more than anyone, who describes a very unusual and incredibly complex worlds... Also Czech, Prague Mistica, such as Gustave Mairinca ' s Golem.

«Духовные животные» (Клееная фанера, резьба, морилка). Серия из 12 деревянных «камей». «Глубокий сон»  (Сцена, вдохновленная повестью Говарда Лавкрафта «Сомнамбулический поиск неведомого Кадата». Клееная фанера, резьба, морилка, 1350?х?410?х?35 мм)