Гравировка огнестрельного/холодного оружия, резьба по дереву

A Tree Recipe On A Hunting Rifle

  • Married, two kids.
  • For more than 40 years, he's been working at the factory, first of all a slurry collector, then a spooner.
  • Works on Exhibition rifles at De Lukes, Exclusives, Collection, as well as on high-consumption rifles on individual orders.
  • For eight years, he teaches false art at the L. Vasev School of Armament at Izmeh.

On September 19, Russia celebrates the day of the gunman. It's only four years, and workers in the industry are not one generation. Our hero, Vladimir Shushakov, has spent 40 years at the fabrication of a spoon (dry and ape) for hunting weapons, which are being produced at the Jeeves Meh Plant.

Vladimir Shushakow's lodger comes to the factory by 7:30 in the morning. He teaches the basis of a false case in Russia ' s only School of Armament, which has been training weapons experts for 60 years.

- Vladimir Nikolayevich makes deposits under a specific customer. There's a need for an experienced specialist, because making a spoon is the same as stitching a suit for humans, you need to know the anthropometric parameters of a human being and remove at least five measures from it, tells Dmitri Casatkin, the senior master of the Dmitry School of Armament. - Someone left, someone has long hands, wide shoulders, etc.

Rolls for probes, scales, hornets, pens for tools are produced from the swamp residues

On the wall is a portrait of Chuguevsky and a picture of Willis.

Vladimir Shushakov's armoring school is far from the aisle. It's about a kilometre. Six jobs at the workshop. The working table is the Verstack - Vladimir is in the corner, it's 1, 5 meters long and 1 metre wide. It's got tools on it. On the wall, mirrors, work instructions and two portraits: the last red director of Izmeha, Vasilia Chuguevsky (referred to work, Prim. ed.) and the American filmmaker of Bruce Willis (famous with films with him).

♪ That's a stack, it's a drink, a shirt, a cheek. A green pen and a pencil to draw. Here's for this. Screening- tells Shushaks by showing them tools.