Трафареты для резьбы по дереву для начинающих с фото и видео

Village Rubbers For Starters

Good evening! I want to share my next job, that's the axe of Blood War. In this post, I'll try to take account of the mistakes that were made in the past and tell us more about it. I apologize for the quality of the photos. Let's go!

As usual at first with materials I used:

(1) MDFs 5mm

(2) PVC plastic 3mm

(3) Epoxylin DUO

(4) Pva's glue is super.

(5) Battery m6

(6) Shudders

(7) Glinda

8) Bovine skin

(9) Grunt and acrylic paints

Now instruments:

(1) Lobzik

(2) Dr.

(3) Round and flat stickers

(4) Nadfil

(5) Storms of different grains

(6) Pinzat (almost not useful, but still)

(7) Dental tools for epoxylin

8) Macet knife and scissors

9) Wood rubber tools

(10) Construction Fen

(11) Pussy and sponge cut into small parts

(12) Axe

(13) Rashpiel

(14) Wood rubber tools

Now, on your own work:

At the beginning, he cut seven pieces of MDF and glued them together. Cut a lobster so that 3 pieces would be cut off at a place where shoes are planned to be stacked. We get the following:

As a result, future axes are cultivated. See the opening on the shoe? That's what I was talking about. I didn't take pictures of the sliphage and surface treatment, I think it's all clear here (if in the short, I sat the axe of the edge, then sewed them with a rashpiel, a sticker and a braces.)

Let's go. We've got to put a light on the shoe. To this end, tools are used wood and trafares Your own preparation.

Let's do the fangs. To that end, the openings on the shoe, the bolts in there, the bolts on those bolts, the balds from the epoxilin, blind in advance. The picture schematicly shows how the bolts are placed in relation to the fangs (when or schips?)

Let's make the plates. We make them out of PVC. We're doing the PVC trafarettes, we cut them off - a stain on the shoe - slifum and severance. After that, we'll put these plates on the owls with the shaves.