Резные наличники на окна своими руками. Трафареты и шаблоны

Truck Tree Ribbons


Graduation work

Freight-grabbing work in Novokuznsk.

What are you doing? What is it? What are we graving? How do we do that? How much is that?
In other words, it is the decorative excision, the rubber, and the art processing of various materials. Open, cut to the ready, cut to rectangular and curvature parts.

The materials with which we work are listed below. You can order. Your materials.and we're only counting the cost of our work to solve. The second option is we order you from our materials.9 Then the price of the materials will come into your price.

  • These are leaf metals, leaf plastics (PVC, acryl, orrgs glass, monolithic and egg polycarbonate);
  • These are composite aluminium panels (ALUCOBOND, DIBOND, GROSSBOND, et al), polyethylene, poletic, foam, artificial stone;
  • This is to uncover leaf materials, any thickness, for furniture (MDF, MTSP, LDF, OMDF, DFS, furniture shields, plywood, any wood breed).
  • That's it. non-ferrous metals Latuna, bronze, aluminium, copper;

10We're processing the materials we use at the Artprofile production company, doing at a high-profile state-of-the-art software station. The computer program will ensure effective disclosure of materials, thereby saving our customers.
Working surface of 2x3 m. There he is, down in the picture:

Here are pictures of the tarp that are being processed with different materials. For each material (plastics, composites, wood or metals), certain cuts are required at different angles of the end and varying firmness.

In all the above-mentioned material, we're making an engraving.
The difference between the tarpauling is that, in the case of gravity, the surface of the material being processed shall not be cut to a certain, necessary depth.

What can be done with tarp and gravit?

For ads, it's a cut of paper for letters, trima.

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