Украшение фасада здания домовой резьбой по дереву

Tribute For Cutting The Wood

We use different modern and traditional technologies for wood processing. They're all needed to make a beautiful, complete species. Disein trees, designer solutions, we use both ready, widely known and solutions that only masters, artists, rectors. I'm making things up!

Wood Processing

Brushing is an express wood texture. Braking can be done by special plastic or metal boarding and by fire, but then the surface is also subject to special landings. Marriage is now very popular, especially to make furniture of pseudo-old.

Slick: With a sliphon, it must be clear. We'll be able to smooth the surface with abrasion with different cereals. The different kinds of trees go differently. It's softer, but it's always coming up. It's easier to get smooth on the oak than on the pine.
Decoration by abrasion: At this time, there are numerous disks for sliphs, as well as boreholes for shoes, currents and shafts. wood♪ They can be exposed to interesting facts, stints, and often the whole motive of the ornament to the board surface. It's a great designer tool!

Surface: It's a figure of dranking the edges of the product or of the elements inside, but not a drink, but a blush that falls into wood.
Figur food: Everyone saw our great Russian cash! This technology is also available and needs to be used extensively to process interior items. The scandals have a very powerful decoration effect. The product is very typical.

Reese: Well, the rubber is just a miracle of wood processing. I guess from the start of the use, people started stealing a tree. First stone knives, then metal tools. At present, the rubber we meet, for example in churches, is based on the CPD, although the hand-helds are still dating.