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Trefarer Tree Recipe

IMG_1639"The great opportunity to present our projects to the Moscow public, and also to the Museon Park!" - thought we and the OOLEY team were joining the organization of the People ' s Planet Master Festival. The OOLEY42 Trailer is a remarkable creative base for open projects and classes in fresh air, and even though we have recently lost valuable tools, we have decided to hold quite sophisticated and multi-stage workshops with wood, paint and tissue.

August 2th, 7:00 a.m., we're taking the trailer to the road. Based on the experience of a salon-wrapping crate with all the gauging keys, adding all the heavy tools to the car, keeping everything else in the trailer, you can leave. We're in the park by 10 hours with the tools and materials of the workshop. The OOLEY Festival programme is defined as the " Master ' s Cloths and Papers " and we have a rather bold task: to organize three interdisciplinary craftsmen, during which students will complete all phases of the fabric bag with a handwash sketch.

Students of the class were expected to learn aza wood An electric borm with different stitches, extracting from the brushes of the leaflets the disgrace stamps. Not only because we had only three Bormachines in five classrooms, but because of the convenience and efficiency, we have also prepared plastic trafarets for the press. The technology is very simple: the picture on the usual paper is laminated and then cut by a stationary knife. There is a persistent plastic trafare suitable for multiple prints. We've prepared a few pieces of bright Acrylic paint, cut her lips to put her on strains and tissues. For the final stage, we brought our new sewing brother's car and another Singer's car to our partner. Cuts of tissue for bags and straps were made in advance.