бесплатные рисунки и эскизы для резьбы по дереву

Trafarets For Cutting Through The Tree Of The Tar

Laser gravies and metal cuts, trees, plywood, stones and tissues.

Laser pack. Laser cut.

Gravation is a very interesting industry that is dynamic and has a fairly large perspective. The fact is that technological development leads to the creation of new unique and universal equipment that facilitates the lives of simple workers. We take the example of at least the metal and wood robbers, they used to have to do something unique with their own hands. Laser machines came to help them today. Laser technology has been widely applied because of its productivity and its high accuracy. The laser beam makes it possible to create the most important and complex parts.

Laser cuts and grammars are now very widely used in the modern world to manufacture crafts, advertising and souvenir products, doors, furniture and other industries. Laser gravies are fast and high-to-point gravity or any surface marking (depending on laser type). They are mainly used in industrial multi-serious markings and jewelry, souvenir products. It's a logo and writing on:

  • Measuring instruments;
  • jewellery;
  • instrument panels;
  • Corps and phone and laptop keys.

Desktop laser: equipment