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Trafaret For Wood Rubber

Изображение с названием Engrave Step 1


Method 1

  1. Choose the instrument. We can use hammers and toothyles, but manual or pneumatic verses or rubbers are not so expensive and allow drawings to be very accurate. If you already have the necessary instrument (e.g. Dremel stamps), you can use it.
    • There's a lot of different forms of ambush. It's like a V-struck.
    • Too soft metals tend to be graved by a circus or a sequential knife, but it's hard to get accuracy and careful with these instruments.
  2. Choose a metal subject for training. If you've never done this before, take something you don't feel sorry for. Train only on things you're not afraid of ruining. Flexible metals (media, latuna) are easier to graviar than steel or other solid metals.
  3. Clear the metal. The moisture rag, strip the surface, then wipe the water with a dry rag. If the metal is still contaminated, strip it with soap, then dry it.
    • If the metal is covered with protective coating, as often happens with latuna, it's not necessary to remove this layer. But the gravity will affect this coating, so when you finish the job, you're gonna need a new coating if you want the color to stay even.
  4. Draw or print the text or the drawing. If you work with a small object or this is your first time, choose a simple drawing with clear lines. It would be difficult to carry out difficult work without experience, and the picture could be smashed and insecure.Изображение с названием Engrave Step 2 You can try to put the sketch straight to the metal or print the drawing at the right size, and then move it to the surface (we can tell how to do it).
    • If you want to plug the letters, try to make them as flat as possible. Fill lines with the liner.
  5. Transfer the drawing to metal (if necessary). In this paragraph, we'll tell you how to move the paper to metal. If you've already painted the drawing right to the surface of the product, move to the next step. If you can't find the materials you need, search the Internet for other ways of transfusion. Remember, practically everywhere, there will be a need for special tools.
    • Cover the surface you'll be working with, a silk or a silk. Wait till the surface is dry.
    • Draw a picture on a polyester tape (e.g. Maylar) with a soft graphite pencil.
    • Cover the picture with the scotch. Carefully press the tape to the nails or the valise, then remove the tape. The drawing stays on the scotch.
    • Put the scotch on the metal. Push his fingernails or valise and take off.
  6. Изображение с названием Engrave Step 3Record the metal product. It would be much easier if the product was rotten, and it would also prevent it from slipping. You can use a clip and hold it in your hand, but it's dangerous to get hurt. If you use an electrical tool or a hammer with a toothyl, for which two hands are needed, you better find a clamp to keep your product.
  7. Start cutting metal in the drawing. Using the existing instrument, start turning the drawing into a grammar. First, try to keep the instrument at the same angle all the time. Cut the straight line in two directions until the trail becomes visible and then deepen. Let this section begin work. Then turn to other lines. If you need to cut the letter with the rounding, first cut the straight line. Finish it, move to the bending.
  8. Learn. It's an art that people learn all their lives. If you're interested in new techs, machine gravis, or looking for recommendations to expand the collection of tools, you have the opportunity to get this information.
    • Look for the fan forums on the Internet. If you're interested in some particular form of gravity, you can find sections on precious metals, steel and other materials in such forums.
    • Read the books on the gravel. In the books, the information will be more detailed. If you don't know where to start, ask about it in the forum.
    • Talk to local fans. Write on courses or try to find a workshop where the craftsman works. If you're serious, try to offer your pupil's services or go to school.
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