Домовая резьба: эскизы, шаблоны и трафареты с фото и видео

Strikes Tree Cutting

In the history and culture of any people, the minds are mystical, the owner of the shores and even some kind of "passports." All right, in the Ancient Rusie, looking carefully at the embryo gates of the shirts, determined what kind of mould belongs to its owner. In the old age, only a small look at the woman ' s clothes and jewelry, it was possible to know her age, material and matrimonial status, and even the number of children, as well as cows, horses and reindeer.

The North is an amazing end with amazing peoples. The northern man is basically his spiritual. Its beliefs were based on the culture of nature and harmonious interaction with the environment, directly with which it learned to understand it, adapted to its life and worked to support nature for self-preservation.

An Estonian national suit adapted to the mobile and disturbed life of a hunter and a reindeer, a nomad, was created in the caste century.

At the same time, the first simple geometric motives of the evenki annulment appeared. Any shame is a combination of flowers. The admirable eye of the sandtrot of bright paints in the bicelliance is the hallmark of the harbor of representatives of the small peoples of the North [1].

The evenian motives include zigzag, hebron, parair, ferry and triple dentals, circumstantial lines. By decorating various parts of the ornament, the ages have sought to emphasize the shape and design of things. To this end, they used Bordühr extensively, scrambling around clothing, headbags, shoes, fur coats, cherries, small pieces of bone, sacks, etc. Thus, the main decorative element of the Evenks was a brodure [2].