Узоры резьбы по дереву схемы

Lobby Rubber

курлек1Barmala, a clever Cot in the boots, Baba Yaga in the stairs, and many other fabulous characters inhabit this yard. And it's not a museum, it's just a house where Tatiana and Vyacheslav Ballasova live. All the pieces of heroes of children's books are made of wood. At least Tatiana Valentine's hands.

It all started 16 years ago, when the spouses moved to the village of Kurlek of the Tomsky District from Kedrovogo and took care of a welfare device: at the place of the garden, the wall was standing in the woods, the abandoned house was broken. All winter, new masters drank from the trees, burned the cats. Then we took the house. Restored. And then Tatiana's uncle from Bishkek arrived for help. My niece was pleased, "We'll do this to you! And they did, because stealing their own house was a long-standing Tatyana dream. Nikolai Mihailovich is an assistant.

курлек3First, they started buying books. wood No one owned this art. First, we decided to dress the house in a stiff circle. Got it. Then the bathhouse, the woodener, the garage, the interview and even the summer toilet. Masters without hand:

♪ The uncle made the cooking, the trafarette, I drank. As long as you've done the whole cutting, three electrical lobes have burned down, they haven't done that.

Tatiana didn't calm down.

♪ Well, I think we should do a little bit of a clue now. The kids got married, so the grandchildren will be.

курлек2The Esquis were created, inspired by illustrations of children's books, but the stories were theirs, the author.

♪ All the paintings we made in one winter, tells Tatiana Valentin.

Then the intimidated slices drank, processed, painted the details. Prepared plots of three children ' s fairy tales, Red Shape, Bottoms and Barmalays, were placed on the walls of economic structures.

Baba Yaga took her step to the pine, the evil spirits from the house.

The award was a small grandchild response:

♪ She had such eyes when she first saw our arts. I haven't been able to speak yet, my admiration has shown, Tatiana Valentin is laughing.

♪ We're all done, and then we think you're going down and you don't know what door you're going to knock. They were hired to make “indicators”.

Gramps and grandparents went to the house to get chai chai. A man in a cup is swimming.

At first, there was no backlash from curious viewers. They came like a tour.

♪ If a woman's ever been to us, she's gonna bring her husband in for the next summer, learn what she can do.