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Excessive Wood Rubber

Installation of prey and cash by hand

The traditional Russian architecture cash on windows other than the decorative function performs a number of very practical tasks:

  • May the house be further warmed up, as the heat usually crosses the wall and the window box
  • protect the sediment and dust space
  • isolate noise

The cash is made of shaped and flat, rounded and populous, steep and telescope options that can be chosen, mass. Nowadays, mostly hard plastic cash is popular, but if necessary, they are also produced from other materials.

Of which materials can be made available

Windows were built from tree species resistant to various external impacts. Drews, ideally suitable for cash, are oaks and leaflets, but in modern construction, besides wood, also use:

  • PVC
  • plywood
  • aluminium
  • steel
  • polyurethane

To select the appropriate material, it is important to know the characteristics of the manufactured product.

Как покрасить стены в квартире своими руками?Material Specificity Wood (dub, pine, leaflet, etc.) Environmentality, beauty, shortness. Recurrent processing for protection MDF Similar to tree varieties of cash, i.e. spontaneous plates Plastics It's easy to find color, not to be rotten. It fits plastic windows. Polyuretan Easy and easy. Perfect for rounded windows Metal It's good to protect the stitch, but it can be corrosive.

It should be noted that the hardwoods of the tree with elevated humidity or dryness, significant temperature changes in volume and quality - breathing. Flexible breeds are being destroyed faster, but easier to process, much better suited to a rubber cash.

The method of installing cash, known as telescope, is now popular, with the following advantages:

  • Arrangement
  • No anchorage
  • Driving

Windows can be purchased from various producers, but it will be much more interesting to make them by their own hands.