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Excessive Cutting Of The Tree Of Animal Trafares

The esteemed readers interested in the massacre, I suggest you read the following:

The tree recipe is a traditional folk art common in our country. There was a tree on the Ruths a long time ago. The attempt to steal their dwelling with wooden rubber products appeared in the XVIII-XIX V. The tree sprays began to separate windows, carnivals, hair, balconys, fences, etc. Individuals create whole artistic motives to steal their homes.

Now, many of the happy owners of long-distance and rural dwellings are trying to make their constructions not only as comfortable and comfortable as possible, but also originally beautiful. And the best jewelry of the building, like a century ago, remains the so-called tree house, i.e. stiff cash, carnips, watches, shrouds, etc.

The tradition of stealing houses by wooden rubbers and other decorative elements has not arisen in Russia in an empty place. Initially, the tree cutting was of a cult nature. Ancient Slavics have placed on their home language signs designed to protect housing, ensure fertility and protect against enemies and natural environments. The signs of the sun, the rain, the women of the sky, the animals or the vegetation of the vegetation are still undeclared. Thereafter, the religious meaning of the tree ' s rubber was lost, but the tradition of giving the various functional elements of the facade of the house an artistic species remained.

Rear cash, windows, doors, furniture make comfort and eat at any house. The tree spray was also stolen by frontal carnivals, rumour windows, fries boards, windows and windows, wings, gates, calists. The demolishing of the house by a wooden circus essentially transforms it into an architectural monument.