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Burn Heaters

Incineration - The oldest traditional way to decorate wood and wood products. The arts of the ignition reaches a time-consuming time when the cheeks were able to make the first metallic primitives and tools, and observed that the touching of the glazed metal in the fire could leave a visible trace in the woods in the form of a dark angular place: points, stains or lines.

Architectures, tools, vehicles, household products, etc. have been removed by ignited technicians (Figure 137).

Rhys. 138. Burning instruments: a - geometric; b - plant

Two pyrography and pyrotypes are now widely distributed.

The word " pyrography " refers to the drawing of the fire (translated from the Greek language of the pyre, fire, grapho, writing, drawing).

Rhys. 140. Replacement heat ends (peri

The first incendiary shall be made of a special alloy, which shall be electrically pumped when it passes. The incendiary set shall contain a set of variables for the combustion of a wide range of ornaments and drawings (Figure 140).

In addition to wire ignitions, mass production of the same products is commonly used by rotary ignition (Figure 141, a). They have a set of removable stamps (stereotyped stacks, Figure 141, b), with the help of which a variety of ornaments can be burned (figure 141, c).

Rhys. 142. Fixing the drawing with a button

Before lighting the drawings, the surface of the product shall be sliphed in a precision manner. Then the prepared surface is carried Ignition drawing♪ The most common method is to transfer the image through a copy of the paper. To this end, the copy paper is placed on a prepared surface of a brilliant side. The drawings shall be placed at the top with his hand or with a button (figure 142). It's best to use a plastic pen button.