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Wood Rubbish Materials And Tools

Bonsai toolsA good instrument plays an important role in bonsai formation and care. You must be able to make scrubs on trees with special profile and clean, straight edges.

It is recommended that starters acquire several basic tools, such as quality inverted carts and standard scissors. Then, as you're going to be more active in bonsai, you'll probably need another specialized instrument.

The Japanese bonsai instrument is well known because of its high quality (and the corresponding high price), while the quality of the Chinese instrument is uneven, but is always improving at higher prices. Black steel, which is mainly a tool for bonsai, requires a little more care because it rusts. A high-quality instrument of stainless steel is more expensive. Use your bonsai instruments only for direct use and take good care of them. Then they won't be ruined sooner and serve you for years.

Electric toolsThere are scissors of different sizes and shapes. They are designed to cut escapes, thin nets, leaves and roots.
If your collection is mostly small trees, you shouldn't buy a big instrument! There are standard broad scissors that can be cut with rather thick branches, and narrower and longer scissors that facilitate work inside the crown, as well as miniature scissors for chohins or for the slicing of azali and the removal of the dried flowers. This section explains what needs to be taken into account in the purchase of trees/instruments - Purchase of Bonsai

The interior pieces are necessary to remove the thicker branches in such a way that a slightly in-depth cut is left behind, which will then grow in the underwear without leaving the protrusion. There are inverted bruises with direct tears, semi-circuit and spherical (high blade) which leave a particularly deep cut. Accordingly, all these types of puzzles are of different sizes.

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