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Wood Cutting Tool

The tree recipe requires not only skill, but also special tools. Some of them are well known to everyone, but there are also specificities that apply exclusively to this type of nation-building. Let's try to figure this out and introduce you to the main types of tools you need if you want to try your power in the woods.

As noted by the master themselves, there is no single classification of tools. In addition, different names of the same type of instrument are found in different descriptions.


The main kind of tool used actively during the wood cutting is the knife. However, there are several species that are markedly different by appointment and by appearance.

Knives. The blade is dried, the angle is 60 degrees. The oxids are used in a flat-rolef cut to cut straight long lines. Bones may also be used to process the side walls of existing pads and to plug the contour.

Knives. They're also called slices or just knives. They all have a cut angle of 35 degrees, but the shape and size may vary. Respondents consider such knives as the main instrument, each master has his favorite knife, which he can always use for years.

Also Bourban knives and Tats. The name comes from the village of Bogorodsky, known by its single wooden toys. Bourban knives may have different sizes of the blade, which vary according to the thinness of the work. Tatiana is just the variety of a Bogorod knife with a longer manuscript, which ensures that the master ' s efforts are maximised on the cut edge. Applicable to the rig.

For starters of wood rubbers, specialists believe a ready set of knives will be appropriate. You should try your strength, actually figure out what knife you're gonna be more comfortable with, so this set is the first step, the best choice.


Livestocks. They're flat and easily recognized. Used in the process of levelling flat surfaces and cleaning.

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