Инструмент для резьбы по дереву.Украина. | Резьба по дереву, кости

Tree Recipe

  • Filled from one end of a narrow, sufficiently thick metal strip;
  • Hands of wood or plastic;
  • impact ring.

The latter is designed to prevent the destruction of the hammer. The ring significantly extends her service life. Coated metal is considered the best material for their manufacture. They are used extensively, both professionally and domestically, for simple operations, repairs. Both the kits and each instrument are sold separately. There is enough diversity.


  1. Direct. They are often used as a support tool. The angle of this staple does not exceed 18 to 20 degrees.
  2. Half round. Universal, most demanded and common. There are three different varieties, cool, medium and different.
  3. Clucards. It's a special instrument whose particular feature is that when working with a tree, it's not damaging the surface of the processed material. They're corners, half round, flat. There's an intact blade.
  4. Geismus. It's stacks that take shape of corners. Their appointment is to sell the V-pases. The angle between the edges of this instrument may be between 50 and 70 degrees.
  5. Cesics. It's intended to cut thin older persons. Outside, they resemble the cool semi-circuit stames.
  6. The verse. Their speciality is the availability of comfortable handicrafts in the form of a mushroom. They're the best fit for artistic cut, detail.
  7. My legs. They are designed to treat hard-to-reach places and produce slaughter. They have an appearance similar to a man's nails.

What does our company offer?

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