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Order A Wood Rubber Instrument

There are several varieties of rigid machines, each of which has its own specificity and its own task (or a range of tasks). What are these machines different from each other?

Fugural machines

To level the surface. The functional machines are productive and easy to use. They are designed to level and clean the plate or the edge of the board. It is possible to process both small and long harvests, which means the machines will be useful both in the table and in carpentry.
The boiling on the fugol station slips through a long broad table and is stabbed from the bottom. The high adjustable focus allows, on the one hand, the board to be kept sharp and on the other, to withstand the strict vertical position of the set. In addition, emphasis can be tilted and removed.


Thickness calibration. On a large scale, the voyage has a narrow task: to tighten the board to the intended thickness. But this does not prevent voyages (particularly portable) from attracting high demand, because precision and quality are key requirements of the table. With the help of the voyage, you'll get the same thickness with a smooth surface ready to connect the underground.
Raismus's missing the precinct through himself and tightening it up. In most cases, there is a shipment: the special valleys take the team table board and pull it through the machines. Raismus is most likely to tighten the cloth, but if the harvest is not very wide, it can be placed on the rib and calibrated in width.

Photo: Makita flight 2012NB.

The fundamental difference. On the fugo station, cooking is tight from the bottom. The foot shaft equals the plate or the edge of the board, but you won't get the same thickness. Reismus cuts the layer of wood to ensure the exact thickness, and at least one side of the harvest must initially be flat (the details are on the voyage table). If the board is curved, the fuganok and the voyage are perfectly complementary: the first is shaping the base surface, the second is calibrated. Is there a universal option?