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Newsbirski Wood Cutting Tool

Today, we will tell you, on our " Importation Room " , about the black Gate that makes axes, knives and abundance of manual work. The Novosibirsk Room was run by the Demiane Gromov Kuznets about its crafts and articles that produce genuine force in their owners.

Drawing the idea

"The first knife I've made half a mechpila for 12 years, and I started as a hobby in 2008, when I was at university. We needed rounds. wood stacksit didn't work. I had to do it myself. Got it. At that time, I was studying the materialization, learning the properties of steel, and I wanted to make the fastest, most solid instrument.

In 2012, I graduated from the NPP physical, in 2014 my wife and I decided to turn the family hobby into a family business. Your friends are the technicians, and the first orders have come up.

Coating material

Ongoing experimentation and development, we're testing a variety of materials, some of them are manufactured on their own, copying techniques.

We've released a lot of welded damska products (deep stained steel from the stainless steel lanes of different stamps), and we're constantly continuing bubble experiments - floating tigel steel. Of the most interesting thing, Iron Meteorite. It has been possible to produce a composite blade from the Sikhote-Alinian iron-niquele meteorite, retaining its inexorable crystal structure.

Actually, I can make a good blade of practically any material containing iron. We cried the cricket iron directly from the iron ore, saturated it with carbon, transformed into steel, repeatedly scrambled itself, stunting the slag, leveling carbon, and received beautiful blades.

As representatives of the traditional craft, we give the main preference to natural, authentic material - bone, skin, valuable wood. However, we have recently begun to use modern composers and plastics to produce cheap and practical working tools.