Наборчик инструментов для миниатюрной резьбы по дереву

Miniature Instrument For Wood Rubber

Multifunctional electrical gravies are used to carry out small volumes of work that require maximum accuracy and accuracy. They are a compact, direct-shlip machine with a wide range of applications. With this manual tool, it is possible to sliphage, polished, purified, cut, drill various logs, and display and inscription.

Village and metal graviers are mostly used in jewelry and souvenir workshops. Thanks to the knight clamp, it's very convenient to secure such working tools as cut and sliphon discs, cheeks, storms, drills, freshes, sliphal stones. Using different landings, metal, ceramic, glass, wooden and plastic products can be processed.

Types of equipment

  • Metal graver is used to clean and purify steel products, latons, precious metals. Decoration and writing can also be performed with it. Such a tool can be used for miniature work with stone, stone and glass.
  • There's a power graft in the carpentry workshops. With various sludges, we can cut the thin layers of plywood, small pieces and decoration of furniture. Also, this tool can be a great gift for a teenager who's attracted to a dramatic tree.

Selection rules

The basic parameters for the choice of a mini - the gravier is maximum speed♪ Low speed tools (up to 20,000 rpm) are suitable for implementation woodwork and a plastic with a higher (approximate 35,000 o/min) may be used to treat precious metals and stones. Most modern wood and metal electric rods have a regulated speed, which allows work with different hard materials.