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Landing Recibe Minsk Instrument

KIRSCHEN is the lead producer of wood-processing tools. They have already gained the trust of professionals and common users around the world, thus taking an important place in European and world markets. You can purchase:

• Different types of shells;
∙ knives for residence;
• Doloth;
:: Village carcasses;
• Scobels;
• Refrigeration and retention devices.

High-quality KIRSCHEN tools

This catalogue presents the best samples of KIRSCHEN instruments. They are characterized by the highest quality of the reference materials, as they use ad hoc high-carbon steel. The practice and universality of models are guaranteed by the producer company.

Istanbul wood

Suitable and reliable wood rubbers are suitable for soft and solid breeds. Use them easily and comfortable, you'll feel the difference! We also have stunned stacks equipped with a good mouth from a robber or a white beech.