Презентация "Художественная резьба по дереву"

Instructions For Tree Arts

In the official community of the Bogdan Gritzak ArtwoodBG workshop, a total of 900 signatures have recently been marked by a jubilee. Instagram popularity not only among the wood cutting professionals is also reaching over 2,000. Bogdan himself seems to know everything from an inexorable hair and a fucking beard to rubbish and furniture from an ar-nuvo mass.

Children ' s dream

We often hear it about artists: he's been singing since he was a kid, so his path was predetermined at that time. The same thing happened to Bogdan, except he didn't sing, and he had instruments in his hands.

" Structural barrels of saints, pines, long shores of rivers and lakes, solid wood with thick heart beams, luxury texture of beech, dense and dry wood of clay, soft pear and nuts - from childhood I have been encrypted by a tree in all its manifestations. I was conquered by the flesh and the burial, the shipments and musical instruments, wooden columns and furniture. I felt the power of the tree, its warmth. I was in love with his smell, and I'm still in love."

I've been around 16 years. wood to the cause of your life

The erupted sense of living material forced the instrument to be taken into account. First it's a pencil, after it's a pack. Grizzak's recipe went to 6th grade. A year later, a young master has so advanced in the art of carving that he has a little money for the newly acquired nive.

Plus one.

Heroy works at his small workshop in Kiev alone: " Practice has shown me that I am better " . He is assisted by masters if there is a need for backup and other black work. Otherwise, Bogdan prefers privacy - when he's alone with a creativity.

In the master's armory, there's a countless carving manual. Many of them are improvised. For example, there are stacks in the creative weapon that he ordered his father at his own drawings 15 years ago when he worked at the factory.